Monday, February 16, 2009

Las Vegas Single Adult Conference

I've just had a great weekend. I currently serve as the Stake President of the Las Vegas Nevada Paradise Stake of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Our stake had the rotational assignment this weekend to host the annual Las Vegas Multiregional Single Adult Conference for single adults, ages 31+. We had over 1,200 wonderful folks attend and we had an amazing spiritual outpouring.

We organized over 360 volunteers, who donated over 2,000 hours to put on this three day event with a concert, speakers, workshops, social activities, dances, and Sunday services. We were able to engage many wonderful speakers/presenters who for the most part came without a fee. We just paid for their travel arrangements.

We were able to make arrangements with the local school district to use a local high school, with the cafeteria, gyms, theatre, and classrooms to hold the events. We contracted for catered food. The participants paid a small fee that basically just covered our costs. We offered a financial incentive for them to pre-register, which helped in our planning. We had 820 people preregister.

I am grateful that we could provide an activity for these folks to meet new friends, to network and to be reinvigorated in their spiritual resolve to follow the Lord and be true to their beliefs in the face of the trials and obstacles of the world.


Amanda said...

I've read some about the conference on Stephanie and Leslie Harris's blogs - it sounds like it was a success - congrats.

Angie Larkin said...

I can't believe what a great time everyone had. I've heard from so many people about it. Nic volunteered to do a shift, but I had to promptly smack him accross the head for volunteering the exact hours of our Valentine Date we had planned for a month! Sister Kelts was so gracious in letting him bow out. Glad you enjoyed it!

R. Efros said...

It took a ton of work, but it really paid off. Good job to all those who voluntarily gave so much.