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The Atonement - A study guide for Easter

The Atonement- The last week of the earthly ministry of Jesus Christ

Study Guide for Easter - April 2012

compiled by Danny Hastings

The Scriptures; Bible Dictionary, p.693- Harmony of the Gospels;

Our Lord of the Gospels, J. Reuben Clark, p.361;

Jesus the Christ, James E. Talmage, Chaps.29-37;

Doctrinal New Testament Commentary, Bruce R. McConkie, pp. 573-851.

Introduction- John 11:1-46 Jesus raises Lazarus from the Dead, Effect upon the Jewish

hierarchy; Talmage, pp. 496-8; McConkie, pp. 518-523.

Luke 18:31-34 Jesus foretells his own death

Notes- 1. Jewish Days- Begin at sunset, not at midnight; Talmage, p.593, fn. K.

2. Differences in the Four Gospels:

- Matthew- Publican, educated, eyewitness, Apostle, written to the Jews.

- Mark- Peter’s Gospel- “living picture of a living Man”.

- Luke- Paul’s missionary companion, physician, miracles, to the Gentiles.

- John- Beloved Disciple, written last, contrasts Jesus with Jewish authority.

Sixth Day before the Passover- SUNDAY, (begins Saturday Evening); Talmage, p. 510.

John 12:1-9 Dinner in Bethany with Lazarus, Mary, Martha

esp. vs. 3 Mary anoints Jesus’ feet

John 12:10-11 Chief Priests plot against Lazarus; McConkie, pp.573-4.

Matt. 21:1-11 Triumphal entry into Jerusalem; (see also John 12:12-16).

Luke 19:41-44 Jesus weeps over Jerusalem

Fifth Day before the Passover- MONDAY, Spent at the Temple; Talmage, p. 524.

Mark 11:15-18 Cleansing of the Temple

Fourth Day before the Passover- TUESDAY, In the Temple at Jerusalem

Matt. 21:23-27 Pharisees challenge Jesus’Authority, Jesus responds in parables

Matt. 21:28-32 Two sons

Matt. 22:1-14 Marriage of the King’s Son; McConkie, pp. 596-9.

Matt. 22:15-22 Tribute to Caesar

Mark 12:1-12 Wicked husbandman

Mark 12:28-34 The Great Commandment

Mark 12:41-44 The Widow’s Mite;

Matt. 23:1-36 Jesus condemns the Pharisees, (woes)

Third Day before the Passover- WEDNESDAY, (Tues evening), Mt. of Olives; Talmage, p.569

Matt. 24:1-51 Discourse, signs of the Second Coming

(see also Mark 13:9-13, Luke 21:7-31, 34-37).

Jesus then gave the following “Parables of Passion-tide” to the Disciples

Matt. 25:1-13 Parable of the Ten Virgins; (see also D&C 45:56-59)

Matt. 25:14-30 Parable of the Talents

Matt. 25:31-46 The Last Judgment, (sheep/goats)

Second Day before the Passover- THURSDAY, Bethany to Jerusalem

(First Day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread); Talmage, p.592.

Matt. 26:1-5 Prophecy of His own death

Matt. 26:6-16 Feast with Simon the Leper; McConkie, pp. 697-700.

Luke 22:3 Judas conspires with the Sanhedren, (see also John 12:4-6).

Mark 14:12-16 Disciples sent to prepare Passover

Eve of the Passover- FRIDAY, (Thursday evening); Talmage, p. 593, fn. I.

Matt. 26:19-30 Last Supper, (elements:)

Matt. 26:20 Eating the Paschal Lamb; Talmage, p. 617, chap. note 1.

Matt. 26:21-25 Betrayer identified

Matt. 26:26-29 Sacrament instituted

John 13:3-17 Disciples feet washed; McConkie, pp. 707-11.

John 13:10-11, 21-30 Judas goes out to betray Jesus, (and it was night)

John 13:31- Chaps.14-16 Jesus’ discourse, instructions to 11 Disciples

John 17:1-26 Intercessory Prayer

Mark 14:27-31 Disciples declare their loyalty

Matt. 26:30 Journey to the Garden of Gethsemane, Mt. of Olives

Mark 14:32-42 Suffering in the Garden, (amazed); Talmage, p. 610.

(see also D&C 19:15-19; Mosiah 3:7, Blood from every pore)

Mark 14:43-45 Betrayal, arrest; (see also Luke 22:47-48).

John 18:12-14, 24 Hearing before Annas

Mark 14:53-64 Hearing at night to find false witnesses, (before Caiaphas)

Matt. 26:69-75 Peter’s denial

Luke 22:63-65 Officers mock, smite Jesus

FRIDAY Morning From Jerusalem to Golgotha (Calvary)

Luke 22:66-71 Formal Jewish Trial; Talmage, p. 644, chap. note 4.

John 18:28-38 First hearing before Pontius Pilate

Matt. 27:3-10 Death of Judas Iscariot

Luke 23:6-12 Hearing before Herod, Tetrarch of Galilee

Luke 23:13-23 Second Hearing before Pilate; (see also Matt. 27:17-19).

Matt. 27:24-25 Pilate washes his hands

Mark 15:15-20 Jesus is scourged, mocked by the soldiers

Luke 23:26-31 Jesus led away to Golgotha, (Daughters of Jerusalem)

Mark 15:22-25 Crucifixion (Third hour, 9:00 AM); Talmage, pp. 654-662.

Luke 23;44-45 Darkness covers the earth (Sixth hour, Noon)

Matt. 27:50-54 Death of Jesus (Ninth hour, 3:00 PM); McConkie, pp. 814-7.

John 19:31-37 Messianic prophecies fulfilled; McConkie, pp. 834-5.

Luke 23:50-56 Burial of Jesus’ body by Joseph of Arimathaea

John 19:39-42 Nicodemus’ interaction

Passover SATURDAY, (Friday evening)

Matt. 27:62-66 Sepulchre made sure, (seal and watch); Talmage, p. 665.

D&C 138:1-60 Jesus visits spirits of the dead; Talmage, pp.670-677.

First day of the week SUNDAY, Easter morning

Matt. 28:1-8 Angel opens the sepulchre

John 20:1 Mary Magdalene visits the empty tomb

John 20:2-10 Mary runs to tell Peter and John, who run to the tomb

John 20:11-17 Mary sees Jesus

Luke 24:1-8 Other women visit the tomb

Matt. 28:11-15 Chief priests bribe the soldiers

Luke 24:13-32 Road to Emmaus, the Lord appears; McConkie, p. 850.

Luke 24:33-50 Other appearances to the disciples; Talmage, p.699,
chap. note 3.

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