Thursday, January 3, 2013

January 2013 update

I haven't done anything with this blog for a long time. Over the last couple of years, I have focused much of my communicating in the spider Web over Yahoo email (which is dependable)and then on facebook (which is very rewarding, but tedious and which is a drama queen in and of itself) and then in my facebook group, 'Stuph', which has been OK for me as a sub category in which to put more spiritual things, but which has been a disappointment to me personally, considering that there are almost 500 members and only a hand full have ever responded or used it as a means of expanding a base of spiritual awareness, sharing of testimony, etc. Although facebook has it's place,I am weary of those formats. I also enjoy Goodreads, which is more interesting and horizon broadening. As I get older I feel more intensely the need to spend more time reading/writing and less time chatting in social media. A friend encouraged me to write more. It seems that this is a more appropriate format for sharing what may come from time to time. So I may be putting more posts up in the coming days. (As Stephen Stills wrote, "For what it's worth")

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